HR and IR Employer Obligations

Since the introduction of the Fair Work Act (Cth) 2009, employers need to know that there have been significant changes to the Award system, the Industrial Relations framework and employer obligations.

Leigh is able to assess your business and determine if there are any risks that may see you settling a dispute in the Fair Work Commission.

To avoid this, Leigh will ensure that your business is up to date and compliant by assessing and/or providing the following tools:

Policies and Procedures tailored to suit your business and circumstances.

We can conduct a full and cost effective review of your requirements and provide you with an award comparison and new Modern Award Translation table and process to ensure that your business is compliant in this area.

There are now many requirements in relation to employing new staff and the engagement and use of casual employees and contractors.

These policies and procedures will greatly assist your compliance, employees to understand their obligations and reduce the overall likelihood of workplace disputes and accidents.

Tailored workplace training including current topics such as:

  • Workplace Bullying Harassment and Discrimination
  • Social Media in the Workforce, Use of Email and Internet
  • Dispute/ Grievance Management
  • Stress management
  • Change Management

Performance Management

Experienced practitioner in dealing with diminished performance, structural change, redundancy processes, terminations and disciplinary matters at all levels.

HR & IR Audits

Leigh can provide contemporary and practical assessments of your business and supply detailed information on your areas of risk and/or non compliance and practical advice and support to minimise this risk and maximise your return on investment particularly related to employee relations and staff matters.

We can also supply a risk profile for the business, provide advice and supply compliant policies, procedures and contracts as required.

Job Analysis and Design

Leigh can provide advice and support to ensure that existing and new employees are utilised to their maximum advantage and the best possible classifications, structures and use of contractors and ancillary staff is employed.

Business Plans

Comprehensive business planning strategies and assessments resulting in practical and viable Business Plans from start up businesses to mergers and acquisitions.

Assistance is provided in employee job descriptions, recruitment and training and policies and procedures, contracts and associated documents for independent contractors.